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3 reasons why social media is non-negotiable for property marketing

Facebook is now over 15 years old. If you still haven’t jumped on the Facebook bandwagon when it comes to your real estate business we are here to have the tough love conversation you need about why i...

Is Apple changing the rules for everyone or for itself?

The ongoing friction between Apple and third party app providers, like Facebook, has resulted in Apple declaring that Apple device owners will soon be asked to opt in to their IDFA [ID For Advertisers...

The modern way to build your rent roll – Facebook ads

Whether you’re a well-established property manager with a large portfolio of clients and properties or you’re just starting out in the industry, it’s important to continuously think about how you can ...

Click through rate explained

Campaign costs, conversion costs, acquisition costs: they all start with a click.

Why quality reach is more important than impressions

A game of smoke and mirrors can be sometimes played with Facebook ads reporting. That is why it is good to understand just what the metrics mean, and what is important to track for your business.

Why you have to “Pay to Play” on Facebook

Any reputable digital marketer will tell you that if you’re serious about your Facebook real estate marketing, you need to pay to play. The days of being able to promote your real estate business succ...