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Spend your time nurturing your marketplace, not on the ‘mundanes’ of marketing

These days, if you are not advertising your listings on social media, it is hard to look your vendor in the eye and tell them you’ve done everything to get the very best outcome for them when selling ...

Clear your listings before they hit the market

Rather than a vendor splurging on the top-tier portal advertising packages straight-up, there is a growing number of agents advising their potential vendors to spend less, but spend it on a highly sop...

Can landlords do a better job of finding tenants than you?

Announcing the ListingLogic Facebook advertising solution for rental properties 

The internet is flooded with advertisements targeting landlords with offerings such as ‘a better way to rent your prope...

Are you relying on obsolete technology to market your rental listings? Is there a better, more cost-effective way?


Announcing the ListingLogic Advertising solution for rental properties

ListingLogic announce an automated solution to deliver simple, quick and cost-effective advertising for rental listings on Facebook and Instagram.