Save time – outsource to the experts

As a real estate professional, how many times do you hear people say they’re considering selling their property themselves in a bid to save money on fees and commission?

In response, you’ve probably said, or at least thought: “I bet I can get a better result for you, faster because I know the market for that property, I know the area, I know what sales method will work best, and I already have a couple of potential buyers I know would be interested.” What those sellers might think they’re saving in fees, they’re likely paying for in a lower sale price, and their own time.

The same is also true for mounting an effective property marketing campaign through digital advertising.

You already know platforms such as Facebook are vital for getting your listings in front of a wider audience than just those that are proactively checking the popular real estate portals or the local newspaper real estate liftout. And there are valid reasons you might want to be hands-on managing your social media marketing campaigns yourself.

Facebook Ad Manager makes creating social media ads reasonably simple, and you have customer databases on hand that help get your ad in front of prospective buyers by targeting certain profiles, demographics and locations. Facebook ads done well are extremely effective.

You may know how to do it, but could it be done faster and more effectively, freeing you up to follow leads and sell property?

Just like those home-owners thinking about going it alone to sell their property, the one important element you might be missing in calculating the cost of social ad campaign creation is your time.

This is where using an automated digital advertising platform such as Listing Logic can help.

Building a digital ad campaign for social media might be faster than print but it still takes time – and that’s before you realise your photo or text doesn’t meet Facebook’s user rules and have to start again. Or perhaps there’s been an update to Facebook Ad Manager and nothing works quite the same way.

Then there’s the repetition for multiple marketing campaigns. As a successful real estate agent you’ll have multiple campaigns to manage at once. That means repeating the 60-odd steps for an effectively optimised campaign each time.

Should you be using multi-platform campaigns or multi-layer campaigns? All of those take extra time to build and optimise.

And it’s not set and forget. You still need to spend time checking how each one is tracking and making necessary adjustments or re-targeting to ensure your vendor’s money is being effectively spent.

An automated digital advertising platform like ListingLogic does all this for you in minutes.

Creating ads on this automated platform is faster and more intuitive. Direct data feeds into the platform mean a lot of the information and images you need for your campaign will flow in automatically.

Optimising those ads is also automated based on data gathered from previous campaigns and industry best practices. Platform algorithms build an audience of potential buyers starting within a 5km radius of the property address.

The platform logs anybody who engages with the ad so they can be re-targeted. Those who do not engage won’t be re-targeted so valuable ad spend is not being wasted

This also helps prevent ad fatigue; turning people off by targeting them with ads they’re not interested in. Not only is it wasting your vendor’s money, it’s potentially making users irritated by your brand.

All the data from those campaigns is gathered into simple, real time reports so you and your vendors can access them at any time. And you can use that data to clearly demonstrate your success in your next listing presentation.

You’re freer to focus on your areas of expertise which is selling properties, rather than trying to become an overnight social media marketing whiz.

Finally, as well as saving you time, a digital advertising platform can also make your vendor’s dollar go further. Because many agents are using ListingLogic to build many ad campaigns, the platform can leverage the collective buying power for more effective optimisations.

More time to follow leads and sell properties, combined with better value and results for vendors?

You might just find using a digital advertising platform is a game changer.

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