Change is in the wind – how to be ready

If there’s one thing the ups and downs of the past 18 months have taught us it’s that change is the new normal!

Changing market conditions and some unpredictability can seem like a challenge for your real estate business but there are simple things you can do to make sure you’re set up and ready to capitalise quickly when new opportunities present themselves.

Recent reports from Australian property research firm Suburbtrends, reported in the Australian Financial Review, indicate listings jumped by 580% in the Sydney suburb of Punchbowl, and 500% in the nearby suburb of Hillside, in August compared to the previous month. It’s an indication that things may be about to change after several months of lower than average listing figures.

While it’s very early days, and limited to only a few localised areas, spring also traditionally gives the property market a bump in both Australia and New Zealand.

To make the most of any abrupt market shift, particularly a surge in listings, being prepped and ready to respond at speed is vital.

A digital marketing platform such as ListingLogic can be a huge help here – on two fronts. In practical terms the platform makes setting up digital marketing campaigns much faster and more efficient. Our system can integrate with your company CRM and marketing software so importing listing information into your ListingLogic account is fast and accurate. From that point your ads can be live within minutes.

Getting an ad campaign in front of motivated buyers suited to your new listings is a great way to demonstrate to your vendors how effectively you will work on their behalf.

But there is also a more strategic way that a platform such as ListingLogic can help you be ready to move quickly when the market shifts, and more stock becomes available.

That is by running pro-active branding campaigns, for your own brand, or for your real estate firm. We can target these branding campaigns, so your name, contact details, your successes and your knowledge are in front of potential buyers; not just the ones you know about, but the ones you may never have interacted with before who are just starting to think about listing.

Seeing your brand in their social media feeds and Google searches may be the trigger that motivates them to at least seek advice about selling, or ask for an appraisal. When they do make that decision your name and brand will be more familiar to them than that of another agent.

Finally, building up a database of effective digital campaigns you have run for other clients is a great way to prove your results to new customers.

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