Digital marketing: How to convince your vendors

Convincing skeptical vendors to use a digital marketing campaign to help sell their property can be a challenge.

Some vendors are resistant to the cost of any marketing at all; some are still tied to the reassurance of seeing their home in print; some might think an online listing is fine, but social media is just for cat videos! So how do you start broadening their horizons?

The simplest answer lies in one magic phrase: value for money.

If you have previously run successful ListingLogic digital campaigns for other customers, use them as case studies to demonstrate how much was spent against the amount of engagement it attracted, and how that led to offers on the property – and what it cost.

Compare those figures with the costs and reach of a campaign that did not include use of social media, or ads via the Google Display Network.

If you haven’t yet run a digital campaign to use as a case study, see if one of the other agents in your company has data you can use. You could also run your own personal brand campaign as an experiment and use those results as the basis for your first case study.

Other key selling points that may help convince your vendors to including digital marketing in their campaign are:


Promoting a listing via a ListingLogic campaign means it will go to where potential buyers are on social media or the wider internet. It’s not dependent on those buyers picking up property publications or visiting real estate listing sites. And it reaches this very targeted audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods.

The ListingLogic platform not only finds buyers that are actively looking and are suited to the listing, it will help find those that are only tentatively thinking about purchasing and can help nurture them into becoming active house hunters

If a new vendor has found you and chosen you as their agent after responding to your personal brand campaign ads, that can be a good way to demonstrate the reach and effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns.


Through the ListingLogic platform vendors are able to “peek under the hood” of their marketing campaign to view their ad campaign results in real time.

It adds transparency to the campaign and helps vendors feel like they can see where their money is being spent and the results it is getting.

You can then show them how engagements with their ads have converted to open home visits, information requests, auction attendances and offers.

As well as being an effective sales tool, this type of transparency helps build the all-important trust between agent and vendor, particularly important if you’re working with a new client.


The immediacy of digital marketing campaigns can also be a key selling point for vendors. There’s no waiting for print deadlines or weekly and monthly publishing dates.

Once you have the listing and photography is complete, the property can be live with ads in front of buyers within a few hours. That can be really important when vendors are competing for buyer attention. With targeted marketing online there is a good chance a motivated vendor sees your property before someone else’s.

The other side of the speed conversation is that digital marketing ads that are purchased through an automated platform like ListingLogic are fast to set up. That frees you up to follow up with motivated buyers.

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