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New listing content: How thirsty is too thirsty?

Most buyers already have a social connection to the postcodes they are looking to buy in. It makes sense that new listings content is one of the highest performing content types in social.

Boost Your Posts Without Extra Fees

What is the Apple service charge? 

Beginning later this month, when advertisers use the Facebook or Instagram iOS app to boost a post, Apple will handle the billing process, retaining a 30% service ch...

The Death of Third-Party Cookies: What You Need to Know

Prepare to mitigate the dependency on third-party cookies.

Google has officially started to phase out third-party cookies. A new feature called Tracking Protection, which restricts third-party cookie...

Dawson Scott; Chief Technology Officer at Reapit leads AI-driven CRM systems to transform the UK property industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already being used by the property industry, and its impact is only set to grow. But while new technology can be intimidating, there’s really nothing to fear when...

A quick re introduction

Having been out of the prop tech game for a couple of years I was asked to rejoin ListingLogic [ a company I founded ] at the beginning of this year. With a fantastic team and a platform that continue...