Steve and Miriam Davis, Harcourts Case Study

“You can’t wait for buyers to come to you, you have to go out and find them. That’s true in any market, but particularly, in this market. It’s just the way it is.” 


That’s some sound advice from Steve Davis at Harcourts Optimise, Whangarei who is impressed with the results he and his wife Miriam, working as Team Davis, have been getting through automated digital listing campaigns using ListingLogic. 

One recent ListingLogic listing campaign generated 9951 ads shown and 9218 engagements, from social media alone. From those there were 2,002 clicks through to the property’s TradeMe listing. The total number of views for that listing was 3490, meaning almost two-thirds of the traffic was generated by the social media campaign. 

In total, from the ListingLogic campaigns for that property across social media, listing carousels and Google ads, the ads were shown more than 32,000 times. That compares to 3490 views for the listing on TradeMe and 10,000 views on 


“We’ve been getting really good results from our ListingLogic campaigns,” Steve says.

“We’re finding it the best platform for pushing our ads out there to find new buyers. It’s particularly useful, because we’re based in Whangarei but also often want to get our listings in front of potential buyers in places like Auckland for people thinking about moving this way.” 


Davis says he will always recommend a comprehensive approach to digital marketing to his vendors.Having a catalogue of great campaign results helps vendors understand where their money is going, he says, and helps them realise that today’s digital advertising is about more than just listing on property portal websites.


“They can see that these types of campaigns have a much bigger reach, and actually seek out potential buyers, instead of just waiting for them to find the listing on a website.” 


From a practical point of view, Davis also appreciates the automated aspects of using ListingLogic for marketing campaigns as it saves him time, and saves him from having to keep up with how to use tools like Google Ad Words and Facebook’s ad planner. 


“This does it all for us, across the different platforms and gets good results. I would absolutely recommend ListingLogic. If you’re not making the most of all the digital tools you have available, you’re going to get left behind.”


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