Hara Jeng, Ray White Howick Case Study

Hara Jeng discusses why Be Seen (powered by ListingLogic) is a campaign game changer and how her successful client relationship journey with ListingLogic has developed.

How is business?

Busy! We’re operating in quite a different climate compared to 2021 and at the end of 2022 I'm still very busy, which is really great.

How did you hear about Be Seen?

I love tech products that help the industry, and I always want to be a pioneer more than a follower, so when Mark McLeod (Chief Strategy Officer at Ray White) was talking about how good Be Seen is, I was immediately interested. I’d heard about it previously, but I was properly introduced to it at a training session in late-2022. 

How did you get to know ListingLogic? 

I met Charmien Paul (Business Development Executive at ListingLogic) at a conference in Australia last year, we got chatting and obviously Be Seen came up in conversation. I’ve tried other methods of marketing and I know what works well in different offices and areas. I was actually looking for someone who could do some marketing for me, but as the conversation got more in-depth, I realised Be Seen could be the answer. 

Tell us about how you’ve been using Be Seen?

I took on an Epsom property in August 2022 and was using another tool, but I didn’t feel I was getting the exposure I needed. I had another conversation with Charmien, and she said, ‘Why don't we just start a campaign through Be Seen and then we can see the difference?’. That seemed like a good idea, and I wanted some evidence on a comparable product to talk about.

Did Be Seen make a difference?

I was really impressed with the outcome. There was a really significant difference in the impressions and clicks I was seeing – almost four times as many compared to using the other tool. Be Seen tracks the data and it sends traffic back to the Ray White website, which other products don’t do. That’s a key point because if we want to build the exposure of our website and promote Ray White Howick, then Be Seen is perfect.

What was the vendor’s reaction?

I wasn’t getting the numbers I wanted until I switched to Be Seen, so when you show the vendor the number of clicks and impressions and what a difference Be Seen makes, then naturally the vendor is very happy. The vendor was also pleased because it was free marketing, and it was effective.

The great thing about running comparisons is that the numbers can’t be manipulated. They tell the real story, a real comparison over a set period, so a 400% difference is huge and very impressive. If you don’t have anything to compare it to then how can you say which is better? You can’t argue with the data – Be Seen works so much better. 

Added benefits?

The exposure is great because we have got other products, and if Be Seen is bringing more people to the website, it keeps them there longer and introduces more properties and other options to interested buyers and sellers.

One of the other things to remember is that with Be Seen I have really good support from Charmien. I know that there’s someone I can contact and speak to anytime. Communication is great and we always had good conversations right from the first contact to getting set up. 


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