What are dynamic ads and what it means to real estate

Personalised property ads just got better - and easier

One of the best things about digital marketing campaigns is that existing tools are always improving and new tools are always being developed to help you grow your business and effectively reach your potential customers as they’re making property decisions.One particularly useful tool that’s recently been launched by Facebook is Dynamic Product Ads for real estate, also known as Dynamic Property Ads, or DPAs. 

These always-on campaigns are highly personalised to individual potential buyers. They use recent views of your website listings to determine which properties to show different targeted audience members. 

They are different from standard targeted advertising campaigns in several ways that make them very effective.

Highly personalised

Ad content is automatically selected based on the activity and interests of individuals. 

Put simply, DPAs tailor your property catalogue to suit different buyer interests. The listings that appear in that campaign are automatically selected and updated to appeal to the potential buyer viewing the ad. 

You can re-market to ad viewers to remind them of properties they have viewed on your website, and show them a range of other properties they’re likely to love, based on their interests.

For example, if a potential buyer has viewed a three-bedroom home in a particular location area on your website but not followed up on it, your DPA campaign can automatically re-target that property to that person, and, at the same time, show them other properties of a similar size or specification in the same location they might not know about otherwise,

You might have seen similar types of ads for other non-real estate products on your Facebook or Instagram feed if you’ve viewed a product in an online store. 

If, for example, you’ve viewed a pair of shoes but not purchased it, you’re likely to be remarketed to with ads from that retailer that show you, not just the shoes you viewed, but other items the retailer thinks you’ll like based on those shoes.

Dynamic Property Ads follow this same logic, of “if you like this, we think you’ll also like this”, but for your property listings.


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Highly effective

Because DPAs are so specifically targeted to individual viewers who have demonstrated they are actively searching for property, you aren’t wasting budget marketing to an unengaged audience.

DPAs typically deliver higher conversion rates and better ROI than traditional static digital ads. On top of that, through ListingLogic you have easy access to real-time reporting at the agent and agency level, so you can see how potential buyers are responding to your campaigns.

They are an effective tool for generating leads from people who have shown interest in your listings but not yet converted, as well as remarketing properties to those who have previously viewed them, right when they are in the consideration phase.

DPAs are a very effective marketing tool for real estate offices and agencies with a dedicated website offering a catalogue of 10+ listings. They are one of the most efficient ways to leverage your total listing catalogue to find new leads and grow your brand awareness.

How they work

When you’re a ListingLogic customer, our platform is integrated to your CRM. So to create a DPA, ListingLogic connects with your entire listing catalogue to generate one always-on Facebook campaign that selects multiple, relevant listings to show each targeted person. 

As well as taking into account specifics of the property a potential buyer has viewed, ListingLogic leverages Facebook data like interest, intent, action, location and price range to select what other listings to show that person.

What that means for you as a ListingLogic customer is that you set up one always-on campaign and the content automatically adjusts to suit the viewers. It stays up-to-date as properties are sold, and new listings are added. Say goodbye to creating multiple ad sets for individual listings.

DPA campaigns are shown to your target audience across both Facebook and Instagram.

ListingLogic can help you with DPA campaigns that are simple and quick to set up, and effective in getting results. Talk to our team today.

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