Why real time results matter

We talk a lot at ListingLogic about the availability of real-time results for your digital marketing campaigns. But what does that mean, and why does it matter?The simplest answer to that is that real-time data can boost your business's success. When it comes to digital advertising campaigns data is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Let’s dive a little deeper.


What do we mean by real-time analytics?

At ListingLogic when we talk about real-time analytics we mean you can see from your dashboard how your live campaigns are performing.

You can see how many people are seeing each of your ads, and how many are engaging with it by clicking on links, or watching videos. You can see these metrics as they happen, rather than waiting for daily or weekly summaries.

You can also see how your budget is being spent, and how much of it has been spent so far.

All the results from your digital ad campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram are also viewable from just one ListingLogic dashboard, so you and your clients don’t have to navigate multiple platforms.

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Why is that important?

Having these results at your fingertips helps in a couple of obvious ways. You can share them with your sellers, so they can see how their vendor-paid advertising dollars are being spent. 

It also gives them greater transparency, than many other forms of advertising, about the interest in their property - and how you are optimising the use of all the tools you have to hand on their behalf.

As an agent, being able to view these results in real-time means you are able to quickly make informed adjustments to campaigns that don’t seem to be getting the results you wanted. These decisions can be made based on consumer actions, rather than assumptions.

You can adjust the target audience parameters, the reach of the ad or even adjust the content to try and attract more motivated seller attention, or new customers via a branding campaign.

Once your campaigns are complete these results help grow your business in other ways beyond selling a particular listing. They help you understand what buyers respond to in both your listing campaigns and your branding campaigns. Think of each campaign as data for the next one.

This data is also an extremely useful tool to have to present to new potential customers in listing presentations. It demonstrates you have an in-depth understanding of how to use technology and modern methods to sell their property, and that you know how to find the right motivated audience for their property. It will also help them understand why at least some of the vendor-paid marketing budget should be spent on digital marketing, and the results they can expect from that.


The bigger picture

ListingLogic’s real time results can also be shared with office managers and business owners. This helps them see patterns and trends in customer behaviour and the market, as well as having visibility over where dollars are being spent, and what return on investment the business is earning.

In summary, being able to view and share real-time results from your digital ad campaigns allows you to:

  • Provide transparency, which builds trust with customers
  • Be flexible and adjust campaigns quickly
  • Have proof of marketing success
  • Plan for ongoing successful campaigns
  • Demonstrate return on investment

Top tip: If you’re new to digital marketing and understanding analytics, run a short personal branding campaign to test your content and learn what works with your target market. 

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