How real estate agents can get leads from Digital Marketing

Generating real estate leads used to mean hard work, cold calling, door-knocking, handing out business cards anywhere or everywhere, and relying on customers for word of mouth business.

The good news is social media and Google display network advertising campaigns take the literal legwork out of generating leads, making it easier and much less time consuming. And if you automate it is easier and faster again.

As of January 22, 94.9% of NZ’s population, and 91% of Australia’s are online; there are an estimated social media users in New Zealand and 21.45 million in Australia, according to DataReportal. That’s a lot of potential leads to generate. 

The key to connecting with them is being visible on the same platforms and websites as those potential customers, at the same time they’re using them. You leverage the power of those channels to find those potential customers before they have to search for you.

Obviously, you can’t - and shouldn’t be trying to - connect with them all, but the statistics do paint a promising picture of the potential digital marketing campaigns offer for generating customers leads.

There are many ways automated digital marketing can generate leads, through both listing and branding campaigns. When we talk about generating leads online, we’re talking about any actions users take with your ads. It might be a simple like or share. It might be a click-through to a listing, your website or a blog. It could even be a phone call, though that is increasingly rare.

All those people become potential leads. With each interaction you learn something about them that helps inform your future marketing, or enables you to market to them directly based on their needs.

Lead gen tools

Different online platforms have different tools that help you maximise lead generation opportunities. Here are some of the simplest and most effective:

  • Geofencing

This involves defining a target area around a listing, or your general sales area. Ads will then be delivered to people when they are in that area and using their phones to view social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, or websites on the Google Display Network.

  • Hashtags

All social media platforms use hashtags, which are designed to extend the audience for your ad or post, out beyond your known audience or followers. Your content can be found by anybody searching the hashtag you use.

  • Dynamic Product Ads

These ads display a carousel of listings, direct from your CRM. The selection of ads shown is based on properties an individual user has viewed on your website. These ads are fast to set up with ListingLogic and are a very simple, useful way to showcase your listings while building familiarity with the individual user.

  • Auto-sold campaigns

These are a ListingLogic campaign type. Once set up the campaign can be always on (within the budget you set), with content triggered automatically via your CRM when a listing is sold. Advertising your successes remains one of the best ways to build trust and engagement with new customers.

Create gated content

Gated content refers to IP you can offer your audience, by having them sign in with their email address to download it. You can promote that content via your digital campaigns to drive people to your download landing page. This works well for content like ebooks or downloadable guides on aspects of buying, selling, investing or renting. Some suggestions are: a first-home buyer “getting ready” checklist, a preparing for sale guide, advice for investors, or where to spend your pre-sale renovation budget  Just make sure you are delivering what you promised in the download, so your audience feels they are getting valuable advice in exchange for their contact information.

Build community

One of the keys to generating leads and followers on social platforms is to post regularly, and always have something to say that’s useful to your target audience. Chat with your audience, respond to comments and questions. Talk about the neighbourhood as well the listing, and talk about the market in general, not just your results.

Before you start your lead generation campaign, make sure you know who your ideal customer is. Think about marital status, income, job title, interests and age as well as location - and start with the demographics you’ve had the most success with.

Tailor your branding content, and your listings to match that audience. The right content builds trust and promotes engagement, which equals leads.

Be patient

A single click-through from an ad generates a lead, but it may not lead to a sale. However, by sticking with the leads that have shown interest in your listings - and you - you can nurture them over time. As you do this you are also building a custom audience of those who know who you are and who can continue to connect with to demonstrate your expertise. You can also re-market to that audience to show them properties they’re interested in, new listings, and new content. ListingLogic automates this process for you so it is fast and simple.

ListingLogic’s automated digital marketing platform offers a range of lead generation campaigns. Talk to us today about how we can help.

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