Digital marketing for Property Managers

Boosting your profile to grow your rent roll and attract new landlord customers can be tough when many tenants and landlords insist they can manage the business of renting themselves online.

The answer? If you can’t beat them, join them and use the power of automated digital marketing to do it better. When tenants and landlords go online they’ll find you and realise your business is just what they need to get what they want.

Here’s some tips on how to build your social profile and grow your business with automated digital marketing,

  • Become the online expert in the rental market in your area. Post and promote regular social content, that shares not only new rental listings available, but advice for renters and landlords, information about the community you work in, what’s happening in the market in your area.
  • Be active across multiple social media platforms, but keep your tag names and your content consistent.
  • Use video regularly in your social posts to show off your knowledge and professionalism. You can be slightly casual on most social platforms, but always be professional. And your video doesn’t need to be perfect. Your audience wants to feel like they’re interacting with an authentic human, not a brand.
  • Be friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Don’t focus purely on what you want to say. Find out from your audience what they want to know from you.
  • When it comes to sharing your listings, know who your target audience is based on location and demographics like age and marital status. Create ad content that meets the needs of that target audience.
  • Experiment with different types of campaign such as dynamic product ads, which can be targeted to individuals based on rental properties they’ve recently viewed on your website, multi-listing carousel ads, or lead generation campaigns, designed to showcase your success and expertise to landlords.
  • Consider automating your campaigns with a platform like ListingLogic. We make the process of setting up your ads fast and easy, no matter what type of campaign you want to run. You can create multiple ads in minutes and we do the rest. No more endlessly repetitive, time consuming ad setup so you can get back to the business of property management.
  • By showcasing your expertise at digital marketing campaigns, you’re already demonstrating how well you could promote your landlords’ properties.

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