Scott Palazzi Loan Market Case Study

Scott Palazzi’s 15 years of experience in finance and mortgage broking, all started with a passion to help people manage their finances better.

Scott loves every facet of mortgage broking, whether it is helping first home buyers find the right mortgage partner, buyers wanting to build or find land and home packages, or investors looking to grow their investment portfolio.

To give his brand a profile boost, Scott signed up for a three-month Lock and Load campaign with Amplify. These campaigns are specifically designed to maximise brand awareness for real estate agents or mortgage brokers like Scott using Facebook and Instagram.

Over three months, Scott accumulated a brand reach of 321,471, impressions of 323,677, and 19,087 video views.

By the end of that most recent campaign, Scott picked up two great leads.
While both had heard of Scott within their network, the campaign ads found those leads via Facebook, which prompted them to get in touch. For Scott, it was a great result for his branding campaign and he’s excited to work with his two new clients.

“I would highly recommend the Lock & Load campaign for any Loan Market broker looking to establish their name further in their community and to further assist in promoting their brand. It’s been an easy concept to understand and track, and I look forward to my next campaign in 2022.” —Scott Palazzi

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