Spend your time nurturing your marketplace, not on the ‘mundanes’ of marketing

These days, if you are not advertising your listings on social media, it is hard to look your vendor in the eye and tell them you’ve done everything to get the very best outcome for them when selling their home.

But, it’s a little complicated… having the time and know-how to manage multiple ads, create custom audiences, install pixels, copy all of your listing assets into Facebook ads manager, the list goes on, is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea.

Let’s be honest… shouldn’t you worry about nurturing buyer and seller leads, not sitting at a computer trying to work your way around Facebook Ads Manager.  As Tom Panos, high profile real estate coach, says “Agents need to establish themselves in the market, not in the office”.

It is for this reason that agents are crying out for a sophisticated social media solution that is simple to use, doesn’t require a full time marketing person to administer and of course, produces the most cost-effective outcomes.


ListingLogic helps you to find more buyers, get more listings and deliver better outcomes to your vendors. It is a game changer for cost-effective property marketing, dramatically improving ROI on vendor paid advertising spend.

Here’s what it does:

1. Automated Facebook ads for property listings

ListingLogic auto creates Facebook and Instagram ads and publishes them to potential buyers in your targeted geographic areas.

Anyone who engages with your ads is then tagged and captured into a custom audience for remarketing.

Your unique custom audience is the key to delivering cost-effective results for your vendors, as unlike a Boost post, your ads are served to Facebook users in the area that have already showed interest in property – not just anyone.

2. Automated live campaign reporting

The results of every campaign are automatically measured, with a live data accessible to you and your vendor at any time, on any device.

3. Creates a Digital CV for winning listings

The ListingLogic Digital CV collates all the results of your campaigns and is a powerful tool to show a potential vendor how you can market their property more effectively than other competing agents.


For more information about how ListingLogic can help you, emailstart@listinlgogic.comor book an online demo.

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