Prepping for the holiday season - starts now.

With the summer holiday months just on the horizon, following on from a quieter-than-usual spring, now is the time to ensure your real estate brand is fine-tuned and in front of the right people.


Christmas through to the end of January, is typically a quieter sales period; a time when people are less actively seeking to buy or sell. What they are often doing though, is using their holiday time to mull over their plans for the coming year - and beyond.


Those people can return to the market with fresh enthusiasm after, which is why the market often sees a flurry of activity come March.


It’s also worth noting that immigration is on the rise again in New Zealand following two years of Covid disruption, which could see extra activity in the market as we head into 2023. Figures from Statistics NZ showed that the number of migrants entering the country in June 2022, was 5800, up 21% compared to the same period in 2021. In September 2022, 11,847 people with work visas and another 2,385 with student visas entered the country, according to Immigration NZ, a sign that numbers are steadily returning to pre-Covid levels. 


There’s hope that immigration activity will continue to grow bringing new life to the housing market next year.


Whatever 2023 holds, having a strong, highly visible real estate brand is one of the best tools you have to be sure you’re building recognition and respect from the market. When the market is quiet potential clients will seek out real estate brands they trust have the expertise to deliver in touch conditions. When the market moves, you can make sure you are poised to move with it, with good relationships and strong leads.


Some personal brand marketing strategy ideas to think about now:

  • Do your headshots need updating?
  • Have the demographics of your sales area changed? Do you need to adjust your personal branding to suit?
  • Do your USP, elevator pitch and other essential tools such as listing kit, pitch templates, sales collateral, customer testimonials, and case studies need updating?
  • What new ideas can you bring to your target audience and sales area?


It’s also a good idea to get always-on personal brand marketing campaigns in place while the market is quieter. That means when things get busier your name will be familiar to and more trusted by those entering the market.


As well as posting market updates as part of your brand campaigns, become like a digital reporter for your local area, reporting on school holiday activity ideas, local events, tide reports, and even sun strength reports, so you become a regular part of local life, like the person who makes your coffee or delivers your supermarket order.


Make use of tools like  Auto-Sold to keep your audience aware of your successes, or use your posts to research what types of content your audience most want from you.


Real-time results of automated campaigns with ListingLogic are another way to help you see what brand content your audience really engages with and whether you are targeting the right audience for your business.


More reading for personal brand ideas:



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