How marketing automation can help increase ROI

If you think automation can’t be used to make your real estate business more efficient and successful, think again.

Too often automation is dismissed as too complex or expensive to be used for day-to-day business tasks. In fact, that is exactly what it can and should be used for; to take those routine repetitive and time-consuming jobs like setting up digital marketing campaigns.

Automating your campaigns means they can be set up more efficiently and effectively so you’re freed up to follow leads and sell property.

According to HubSpot, 68% of businesses use marketing automation in one way or another, and that number is only going to grow as more business owners realise automation can boost ROI.

By reducing manual workflows, and automating the search for motivated potential customers, you can improve customer engagement and lead nurturing, while avoiding wasted marketing to an unengaged audience.

Automated, targeted campaigns allow you to reach out to customers – and leads – with information that’s relevant to their needs. That makes it much more likely they will engage with your content or seek out your expertise.

Crucially, automated campaigns can re-market to potential customers who have engaged with your ads, helping you keep track of leads and keep them engaged.

All of that means you are marketing more efficiently, optimising your budget spend, and allowing you to use your time more productively, all of which leads to higher conversion rates and improved ROI.

Other advantages of automating your marketing using a platform like #ListingLogic include:

  • Streamlined workflows. Automating campaigns means you have a clear understanding and record of what campaigns are live, on what platforms, and for how long. This helps you achieve marketing goals and plan future strategies.
  • Transparent, easy to analyse results. With ListingLogic’s real-time results reporting each automated campaign helps give you more insight into who your customers are and what motivates them. They also allow you to demonstrate successes to customers and your agency.
  • Precise, accurate targeting. Side-step one of the most time-consuming aspects of digital marketing by automating audience targeting using existing customer databases and search data, so the right content finds the right audience.
  • Database expansion. Effective automated marketing will not only find and nurture leads, it helps grow your customer database quickly with motivated potential buyers, sellers, renters and landlords.
  • Boost your social media presence. Potential customers, particularly Millennials, increasingly use social media platforms as a search engine to find the expertise and services they need. Automating your digital campaigns on Facebook and Instagram puts your brand, and listings, in front of those people before they have to search.

Automating your digital real estate marketing can be revolutionary for your business. It saves you time and money while finding a pipeline of calls and enquiries from leads.

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