Go deeper with your personal brand

You already know that building your personal brand is vital for growing your real estate business. But it’s not just about potential new clients knowing your name.

You need to build depth into your personal brand, so those potential new clients know they can trust you with one of the biggest financial decisions they’ll make in their life. They want to know you’re an expert, that you’ll work hard on their behalf, and that other clients have trusted you with great results.

As we go into the summer holiday period, it can be a really effective time to use tools such as ListingLogic’s automated personal branding campaigns to start building a smart, multi-layered profile on different digital platforms. That means as people start to make those big life decisions about where they’re going to live in the new year, you’re the first person they think of to contact.

Social proof

Building a sophisticated personal brand online doesn’t mean telling people what you’re great at. It’s about showing people what you know and demonstrating success.

One of the most powerful ways to do that is social proof. The simplest definition of social proof is that people believe something to be true because others whose opinion they already trust, believe something to be true. It’s people seeking reassurance and validation from others. It is, essentially, what social media “influencers” do.

Some of the ways you can build social proof as a real estate agent is to share the validation you’ve received from others. This might include:

Client testimonials and case studies

Did you know client testimonials are trusted 12 times more than direct marketing? That’s because potential customers want to hear from people just like them, and know they’ve had a great experience with you.

Certifications and awards

These help add to the story of your success from people who don’t yet know you. They help demonstrate your experience, expertise, and success.

Statistics demonstrating your success

Results are worth their weight in gold when it comes to building trust with new customers. If you have a great customer testimonial and can show you got a great result for that customer, new clients get the full picture of the service you can offer. You could also show them results from previous ListingLogic listing campaigns to demonstrate your commitment to finding them the right potential buyers.

Valuable, engaging content

Sharing regular content that illustrates your expertise is another powerful way to demonstrate your knowledge and build trust with potential new customers. This might be short videos or blogs on local market trends or advice on navigating common hurdles in the buying and selling process.

Simplify the process

Making people more aware of your brand and building social proof not only generates more traffic and engagement; it has the power to drive sales, attract new opportunities, and gain audience insights that can help you optimise and transform your marketing strategy for the better.

Creating these more sophisticated types of personal brand campaigns, needn’t be difficult or time-consuming.

ListingLogic has a range of templates available that are already aligned with Facebook and Instagram specifications and Google Display Network placements. We’ve done the optimisation and design for personal branding best practices that deliver you results. Then we can show you those results with comprehensive and clear real-time reporting as soon as your campaign is live. All you have to do is book a demo.

ListingLogic’s branding campaign templates will help you leverage your social proof to attract more potential prospective clients that will help feed your lead funnel in the future. Ads featuring your client testimonials, success stories, monthly statistics, recently sold properties, and more, are fast to set up, then we do the rest. We can ensure your content meets the right specifications to appeal to your potential customers, and we take care of all the audience targeting so your brand campaigns find the right audience, wherever they are online.

With more than 15,000 real estate professionals in New Zealand, and 19,000 in Australia, a well-thought-out and well-executed personal branding campaign is an important tool that will make you stand out.

ListingLogic can help you build that all-important social proof and leverage it into more buyers and sellers.

Talk to us about how ListingLogic can create automated branding campaigns for you, that are tailored to your unique competitive advantage.

With our help, you can create a personal brand that continues to grow, with ever-improving statistics, results, and testimonials to share.

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